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Design Systems

Developer side


Design Systems are an invaluable tool to create consistent and predictable user experiences. They also improve productivity and quality as we pick and choose from already existing and mature models.

Designers are pretty well equipped today with tools like Sketch, Figma, or Framer to manage Design Systems. But we still experience too much copy/paste and duplication of code on the development side - no manner how the "handoff" is done. This results in poor quality in the final product and a waste of precious time.

Unfortunately, creating a state-of-the-art Design System on the development side is a Herculean task that only large teams can tackle today. Most development teams will only see the benefits several months after the first line of code. Hard to justify in many cases. lets you jump start your Design System in minutes and benefit from it immediately. The engineering team can focus on the essentials: creating high-fidelity components with our built-in tooling for stories, tests, documentation, and accessibility.

Key Features

  • Design Tokens

    Colors, typography, spacing, size, elevation, ... all constants are managed and generated from a single source of truth. Multiple variable types are supported including CSS Custom Properties, Sass variables, and JSON.

  • Designers always in the loop

    The interactive Design System is online, always accessible. Components under development can be shared instantly with just an URL. Don't wait for the end of the sprint to share your progress and collect feedback.

  • Discoverability

    A folder with source files is not good enough for a Design System. We created a platform where graphism and experience are first class-citizen. Recruits will be immediately confident on which component to use.

  • No lock-in

    100% based on standards or open-sourced processes. You can eject your Design System from the platform at any time.

Wide range of technologies supported

Vue 3
and more

Early Access Program

We can help you build your Design System
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